Protest the murder of Fausto Leonel Otzín Poyón

Fausto Otzín was an indigenous human rights lawyer, and in his short and now truncated life had dedicated himself to seeking justice. He was found dumped in a ditch on October 18 this year having suffered multiple wounds and died shortly afterwards. He had received death threats the week before his murder.

In his 32 years he had fit in the founding of Mayan Students Association at his law faculty, assisted in creating the Institute of Law of Indigenous People and was the first executive director of the Guatemalan Association of Mayan Lawyers and Notaries. Of late he had been providing legal advice to those criminalised after protesting about the damage done by cement works San Juan Sacatepéquez. We reported earlier about the tour of some women activists, one of whom was from that town and spoke about their protests and how the quarrying activities had affected their lives and the increase in conflict in the town it has brought. (see the attachment to the referenced item for much more about this).

An obituary of Fausto Otzín’s appeared in elPeriodico

This year has taken a terrible toll on the lives of human rights defenders, and October has been particularly brutal. There have been fourteen killings so far this year. These include Adolfo Ich Xaman, killed by personnel from the private security of a mine in El Estor, Roberto Castellanos Pineda from the Campesino Development Committee and Victor Galvez, a trades unionist.

To add your name to the petition asking the Guatemalan government to properly investigate the murder of Fausto Otzín visit this link The petition has been organised by Human Rights First.

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