Distorted Visions from Ríos Montt’s Trial

A piece in the Guatemala Times by Ingrid Nanne presents an interesting reflection on the trial of Ríos Montt.

The racism that provided the space and motive for the brutality meted out to the indigenous since the Spanish first arrived is alive and well in the country’s media. It will take more than a court case to reverse this.

“What can this trial accomplish? Its main achievement may be to reduce the taboo to discuss this era of Guatemala’s history. After years of repressive dictatorships, Guatemalans watch their words because they know the walls have ears and outspokenness has serious consequences. If people begin talking freely then I hope that those who suffered from the war can benefit from articulating the traumas endured. For too long indigenous people’s opinions have been undermined and ignored; an attitude that continues during the court case, as can be read in the snide commentary in many local papers when describing the trial’s witnesses and victims.”

You can read the full piece here.

Categories: Genocide, Justice, Legal, Rios Montt

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