Ríos Montt Trial

Pamela Yates (When the Mountains Tremble and Granito) has posted a great series of short films from the genocide trial of General Ríos Montt.

The 19 episodes of Dictator in the Dock can be found here.

The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) has a very good piece by Jo-Marie Burt and Geoff Thale which, to my mind goes a long way in demystifying the Tribunal process and how Ríos Montt’s defence used, what could be termed, structural weaknesses in the judicial system in Guatemala to defeat justice. Rather predictably, “impunity has a way of fighting back in Guatemala”.

You can read that here.

Noam Chomsky writes in In These Times that, ‘Guatemala, despite its continuing travails, has carried out the unprecedented act of bringing a former head of state to trial for his crimes’ and even though ‘President Clinton apologized for American crimes in Guatemala … no action was taken’. Speaking of the US, he goes on to say that the ‘absence of such actions provides one measure of the chasm that separates us from where a civilized society ought to be’.

The full article can be found here.

You can stay updated on the Tribunal proceedings by subscribing here.

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