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El Quetzal – Spring 2014

The spring issue of El Quetzal, from Guatemala Human rights Commission (GHRC) is available. It highlights current and upcoming challenges to judicial reform in Guatemala, as well as the role that women are playing in the country’s transitional justice processes…. Read More ›

Under the Volcano

An anti-mining banner at the roadblock reads: “Defend our Mother Earth from the rats.” Guatemala sits atop a wealth of natural resources—nickel, gold, silver, and titanium—that lie beneath the country’s rich volcanic soil. In 1960, the Canadian-owned and -operated International… Read More ›

The Thorn Tree Resistance

As Emilie Teresa Smith articulates so well in Sojourners magazine, Gold and silver mines in Guatemala are wreaking havoc on local communities. But the people, using nonviolent Christian action, are fighting back. With regard to this article, she is referring… Read More ›