About GSN

Guatemala Solidarity Network (GSN) supports the people of Guatemala who continue to struggle for change after centuries of oppression, violence, racism and exploitation. We work in solidarity with Guatemalan organisations and communities striving for human rights, social and economic justice, and the empowerment and participation of Indigenous peoples, and all marginalised groups.

GSN is a network of individuals based in the UK who work in a voluntary capacity to promote solidarity with particular organisations and communities in Guatemala, as well as with international groups who share our aims. Historically, we’ve worked particularly in the field of human rights and justice issues.

GSN works in the following way:

  • GSN seeks to prioritise the themes and issues based on their relevance to the situation in Guatemala. These will be developed into activities and projects with specific objectives and measurable outcomes.
  • GSN aims to increase support, through membership, and make it easier for members to participate in activities and decision-making.
  • GSN aims to decentralise activities and facilitate the development of regional groups in the network.
  • GSN aims to build on, and develop, our relationships with like-minded people, organisations and communities in Britain, Guatemala and elsewhere.

For more information please contact us.

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