Accused of Genocide

Last week, General Héctor Mario López Fuentes was captured in Guatemala City, twenty-nine years after having initiated the execution of Plan Victoria 82, developed by the Army Chief of Staff and Efraín Ríos Montt’s de facto government. He is accused… Read More ›

Francisco Goldman on WGBH

Here is an interesting and fascinating interview, by Maria Hinojosa, with Francisco Goldman on WGBH. He wrote several novels before his great non-fiction book, The Art of Political Murder, where he reconstructs and investigates the murder of Guatemalan’s human rights… Read More ›

The Bamaca Case

A new website/blog has been set up regarding the case of Efraín Bamaca, featured here before, which includes all the documentation relating to the case. The site also includes a declaration by Jennifer Harbury, relating to the case. The website… Read More ›