Crisis along the Rio Dulce in Guatemala: the death of Mario Caal

Photo of Mario Caal’s body as he was found: Anti-Imperialist Block

“The imposing Rio Dulce (SweetRiver), a spectacular body of water which connects LakeIzabal with the Caribbean port city of Livingston, measures approximately 35 kilometers (or 22 miles) in length. Such trajectory is without a doubt one of Guatemala’s principal tourist attractions. Nevertheless, this same area has witnessed during the past month the development of a transcendental conflict which, appropriately analyzed, reveals the somber truth beneath current Guatemalan internal affairs.”

Written by James Rodríguez, this photo-essay continues his good work, as witnessed in Upside Down World>.

There is more on this particular story here on the blog.

For more of James’s work, his website ( contains a wealth of wonderful material and we, at GSN, are also delighted to feature his work.

Categories: Violence

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