Guatemala: Five Sentenced to 780 Years for Río Negro Massacre

"After three years of bureaucratic suspension and six months of hearings, five ex-civil patrollers were sentenced to 780 years in prison by the Sentencing Tribunal in the highland county of Salamá on May 28."

"The massacre of Río Negro women and children is one of 626 documented massacres perpetrated during the bloodiest of Latin America’s civil wars in which 250,000 people were killed or disappeared. Guatemala’s 36 year-long internal armed conflict developed within the international context of the cold war, lasting from 1960 to 1996. As part of Guatemala’s Peace Accords, the UN sponsored a truth commission report called the Commission for Historical Clarification (CEH) which found the Guatemalan army and paramilitary forces responsible for 93% of the atrocities."

This from Upside Down World, written by Kimberly Kohler and Josh MacLeod.

Categories: Justice, Land

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