Centre for Gender and Refugee Studies Annual Report

The Centre for Gender and Refugee Studies (CGRS) has just published its annual
. The CGRS’ mission is to protect the human rights of refugee women, part of which addresses the root causes of the refugee flow in the first place. Having assisted a woman fleeing domestic violence caused them to get involved in Guatemala. In 2005 they launched the “U.S.-Guatemala Partnership to End Violence Against Women”, through which they have been successful in highlighting the issue with the US government. It is their not unreasonable view that if the US provides aid for the betterment of democratic institutions in Guatemala then they ought to make sure that it works properly.

The annual report describes their activities in 2007, including Guatemala, for which there was a fact finding mission and the “Justice for Pepe” campaign. This latter campaigned for justice in the murder of Pepe Mendez, the son of prominent human rights campaigner Amilcar Mendez. GSN participated in this action via our a
action network network.
They have a a href=”http://cgrs.uchastings.edu/campaigns/femicide.php”>page of useful resources for those who are interested in this subject, and a report entitled “State
of Impunity: Femicide in Guatemala

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