Defense Ministry Fails to Release Military Documents

As reported recently by NISGUA Guatemala’s war survivors have, once again, been thwarted in their struggle to achieve justice. The Defense Ministry, in violation of an official court order, has neglected to hand over two military documents that would serve as evidence in the genocide case. Read on here. The Association for Justice and Reconciliation has filed a case against the Defense Minister for obstruction of justice

The Rigoberta Menchú Tum Foundation and Congresswoman Otilia Lux have publicly expressed their suspicions that General Otto Pérez Molina played a role in suppressing the documents. One of the undelivered documents relates particularly to the Ixil region where Pérez Molina commanded during the war. Another dates to the period of the scorched-earth policy in which genocide-case defendant and current Congressman Efraín Ríos Montt presided over the country.  

NISGUA are collecting signatures for a petition to be sent to President Colom, demanding justice for war crimes.  For your letter to be included in the collective delivery to the Presidential office, you must sign on by, FRIDAY, March 6th, 8pm UK time.

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