Attacks on Human Rights Workers

We have just received news from ACOGUATE of death threats and attacks suffered by staff of two human rights organizations in Guatemala, SEDEM and UDEFEGUA, in the last number of days.

The messages were personal and referred to the work they are doing on the army archives and insisting that they stop or harm will come to them and their children. 

Owing to their gravity, these threats and attacks have been notified to the proper Ministry (Ministerio Público) with the relevant threatening messages. 

SEDEM AND UDEFEGUA are part of the Convergence for Human Rights, an umbrella group of human rights organisations in Guatemala.  

The Convergence for Human Rights issued a statement expressing their solidarity with SEDEM and UDEFEGUA and calling on the ministry to carry out the necessary investigations. It has called on the Government to strengthen the necessary bodies in protecting those people who work in human rights. It has also called on the international community, including diplomatic missions within Guatemala and also CICIG to continue to accompany human rights defenders and asks that social movements and human rights defenders to stand together in the face of these attacks. 

If we hear more, we will provide updates.

Categories: Human Rights, Violence

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