New Speaker knows where Guatemala is!

The recent political turmoil in the UK had many casualties, one of whom was Michael Martin, the speaker of the House who was forced out of office, the first time this has happened in more than 300 years. After a many horse race the new speaker has been elected, and the new one is already being given short odds for a short term by some. John Bercow, a conservative who apparently got the grand total of three votes from members of his own party might well be member for Herpetology representing the Chameleon Party given the complete change in his political views over his career. Many commentaries can be found elsewhere on his merits, his faults and political manoeuvring for his election.

However, my personal reason for taking special note of his election is that he is one of the few MPs who seem to know where Guatemala is, having asked several questions about the country: Hurricane Stan, death squads, extrajudicial executions. He is also currently the chair of the Genocide Prevention All Party Parliamentary Group, which raises awareness of the issue and tries to ensure the UK government does all it can to prevent it. 

Categories: Mentions of Guate in UK Parliament

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