Plan Sofia 82 is handed over

Translated from the Prensa Libre article by Olga López Ovando. The handing over of Plan Sofia in Guatemala earlier this month came shortly after expert testimonies in the genocide case were heard in Madrid by Spanish judge Santiago Pedraz. For more information on the hearing of these expert testimonies see this communiqué.


The Asociación de Justicia y Reconciliación (AJR – English: Association for Justice and Reconciliation) yesterday presented the Ministerio Público (MP – English: Public Prosecutor) with an authenticated copy of Plan Sofía 82, so that it may be added to the dossier for the investigation of the genocide.

The document was received by the fiscal general (attorney general) Amílcar Velásquez Zárate, in the public prosecutor’s offices.

Julia Cortés, the president of AJR told the attorney general that she hoped that evidence would be found in this document against those responsible for having massacred the Mayan population during the internal armed conflict.

Plan Sofía is the third document to be part of the proceedings for genocide, the Defence Minister Abraham Valenzuela having received plans Victoria 82 and Firmeza 82 last February.

Plan Sofía is a ramification of Plan Victoria 82, created in July 1982 – four months after general Efraín Ríos Montt came to power – and which may have been created to carry out military operations in the North of Quiché.

The document details the army’s manoeuvres to eliminate the guerrilla and those who collaborated with them, and was written by the then jefe del Estado Mayor de la Defensa (chief responsible for planning and executing military operations), Héctor López Fuentes who in February 2002 declared at the public prosecutor’s offices that he had received direct orders from Ríos Montt and the Vice Defence Minister, Humberto Mejía Víctores.

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