Another leader of FRENA has been murdered

Yet another director of the organisation FRENA (the Front for Resistance in Defence of Natural Resources and the Rights of the People) was murdered in San Marcos this week.

According to a communiqué by the group URNG-MAIZ, Octavio Roblero was murdered at approximately 5.30pm on Wednesday (17th) in front of his business at the bus terminal in Malacatán, in the department of San Marcos. He was shot multiple times by an unknown individual.

Octavio was the brother-in-law of Víctor Galvez, also a FRENA leader, who was also shot dead in broad daylight in the centre of Malacatán in October last year. According to the Prensa Libre, Víctor had been attending a meeting with community leaders about the excessive charges of the electrical energy service in this region just before he was killed. Octavio had recently denounced the role of several individuals in his brother-in-law’s murder (see URNG-MAIZ communiqué).

Octavio’s murder also follows the murder last month of yet another FRENA leader, Evelinda Ramírez Reyes, who was returning to her home in the department of San Marcos following a series of meetings in the capital when the car in which she was travelling was ambushed and she was shot dead. She had been meeting with authorities to protest the excessive charges of DEOCSA, subsidiary of the Spanish-owned electricity provider Unión Fenosa, and to demand the nationalisation of electricity distribution.

In a separate case, the Prensa Libre reported that on the same day as Octavio’s murder, indigenous lawyer Juan Antonio Chen was also murdered in the department of Cobán. Chen had collaborated with the Archbishop’s Office for Human Rights (ODHA for its Spanish acronym).


For my blog entry last month following the murder of Evelinda Ramírez Reyes, click here.

For the Prensa Libre article on the murder of Octavio Roblero, click here.

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