‘Our lives can be cut short at a stroke’

‘This is a time of great tension because we know that at any moment, when we least expect it, our lives can be cut short at a stroke’.

So titled an article by Danilo Valladares for Inter Press Service.

As you will have read previously, two community leaders with FRENA (the Front for Resistance in Defence of Natural Resources and the Rights of the People) were murdered recently. GSN has highlighted the killings of both Evelinda Ramírez Reyes and Octavio Roblero and their assassinations were in addition to the slaying of another FRENA leader Víctor Galvez, last year.

Although these killings are of FRENA members, in dispute with the Spanish corporation, Gas Natural-Unión Fenosa, attacks are continuing to increase against human rights defenders. In 2009, 353 attacks were carried out, almost one a day, and 16 activists were killed.

The full article can be read here on the Global Issues website.

Categories: Justice, Land

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