Norma Cruz threatened again

Norma Cruz is a woman with a very serious commitment to justice, a commitment which has led to her being threatend on many occasions. Her particular area of interest is women, and ensuring that they and their families can achieve justice for violent crimes agains them. Such is her determination that she has not only been noticed by those who would like to stop her, but also internationally, as she won the Woman of Courage award in 2009.

Sadly, she is receiving threats again, these threats have mentioned a specific case which she is following at the moment. Our colleagues in the United States, at the Guatemala Human Rights Commission, have set up a letter for those
concerned to sign. The letter will be sent to the President of the Supreme Court, Álvarez Mancilla. For more details, and to sign up, please follow this link.

Categories: Gender, Human Rights, Solidarity in Action/Guatemala, Violence


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