Presidential Election

It is a curious fact for Guatemala Presidential elections that the person who came second in the previous elections will win the following one. This would mean that Otto Perez Molina will win and a poll in El Periódico gave him just under 40% while the second place candidate had 11%. This poll was taken despite the Constitutional ruling that electioneering and campaigning is illegal until the Supreme Electoral Court of Guatemala officially calls an election in May. It seems dubious to me. As we noted previously here, there are several suggested candidates who are constitutionally barred from running for the Office.

In a very interesting article on the forthcoming elections, Barbara Schieber, in the Guatemala Times, states that the elections to the Guatemala Constitutional Court will take place in April this year, and it will be up to the members of this Court to rule on the legality, or otherwise, of the Presidential candidates. It seems there is all to play for.

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