Maximón and the Worship of Saint Simon in Itzapa


If you have been to Guatemala, you may have visited one of the ‘holy’ sites in honour of Saint Simon, otherwise known as either Maximón or San Simón. James Rodríguez, of Mi Mundo, has left us with an interesting and enjoyable piece of photo reportage as he bases himself in Kenya for the time being.

As he introduces, “one of the region’s most interesting and perplexing expressions of Mayan-Catholic syncretism involves the worship of Maximón or Saint Simon. Every October 28th, catholic feast day for Saint Simon, thousands of pilgrims from all over Guatemala and neighboring countries flock to San Andres Itzapa to worship the effigy lovingly known as Monchito.”

You can find the full article, with great photographs including above, here – check out the multimedia piece as well.

GSN wishes James well on his new journey.

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