More on the State of Siege in Alta Verapaz

More articles on the State of Siege in Alta Verapaz as well as a short film. The AFP film was made by Greg Brosnan who was also responsible for the Guatemalan immigrant film In the Shadow of the Raid, featured here previously. The film, although short, does help to articulate the challenges facing the peoples of the area as they are caught between the narco-traffickers, on the one hand, and the memories and realities of military brutality and repression on the other.

An article in Prensa Libre, also by Greg, again brings out the challenges faced by the local population. Interestingly, the article (in Spanish) has created a large number of responses reflecting both sides of the debate.

El Periódico has a grim article (again in Spanish) highlighting attacks on women in Alta Verapaz in the last year at the hands of the armed gangs. It is an interesting article and does find space to allow a warning that non-gang members are also possibly using this climate of fear to carry out their own violent attacks.

Categories: Justice, Land, Military

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