Ausencia – a tribute



Here is tribute to a young woman who had been part of the struggle for equality and justice in Guatemala. Catalina Mucú Maas was an outspoken and impressive young woman, a born leader with a warm smile. Catalina was murdered in February, along two other student activists, campaigners, and human rights defenders, Alberto Coc Cal and Sebastian Xuc Coc. They were returning to their community from a day’s studying at university. A friend who joined them, Amilcar Choc, was also found murdered.
Catalina Mucú Maas was the first girl in her community to graduate from high school.

She graduated from Ak’ Tenamit and led their women’s handicraft program. Alberto, also an Ak’ Tenamit graduate and Mayan Spiritual guide, was helping his community, Quebrada Seca, develop an agroforestry project. Sebastian was the Director of Quebrada Seca’s elementary school.

Last year in Guatemala almost 6,000 people were murdered. However these people are not just statistics. They were all deeply loved by someone.

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