A Murder Foretold

I recently came across this article from the New Yorker magazine about the ‘self-murder’ of Rodrigo Rosenberg, which transfixed Guatemala and much of the international media at the end of 2009. You may remember that he was the lawyer who had released on his death a video which began with him saying, “Good Afternoon, my name is Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano… sadly if you are watching or hearing this message it is because I was murdered by President Alvaro Colom…” His accusations were seized on to generate the most serious political crisis seen in Guatemala for some years. Allegations were made about other people too: the president’s wife, private secretary and a major party funder.

The article, ‘A Murder Foretold’, by David Grann, reminds me of the recent book by Francisco Goldman, ‘The Art of Political Murder’. It is well worth the read, and like many things in Guatemala, seems to throw up more questions than answers.

Unbelievable stories from an all too believable country.

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