Justice delayed – Justice denied

The story of Jesus Tecu Osorio and the massacres of the Chixoy Dam project have been followed and told here on GSN previously.

Al Jazeera carries an opinion piece by Lauren Carasik and Grahame Russell on the continuing wait for justice for the victims of the Chixoy Dam massacres in March 1982.

“Among the 32 communities along the river slated for forced resettlement, the village of Rio Negro opposed the plan most vigorously, a principled resistance for which they paid an unconscionable price. Impatient with unsuccessful efforts to threaten and intimidate the villagers into involuntary departure, the regime settled on a brutally effective relocation strategy – emptying the community through the systematic massacre of its inhabitants.”

The Dam was primarily funded by the World Bank.

“Despite the history of human rights abuses and poorly administered forcible displacements associated with its various hydroelectric projects, the World Bank has argued that its Articles of Agreement, which predated various human rights instruments, does not require consideration of human rights in its funding decisions.”

You can read this strong piece here.

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