Goldcorp’s Legacy: Criminalization and Mining Resistance in San Rafael Las Flores

Clodoveo Rodriguez

“Clodoveo Rodriguez, better known as Don Clodo in his native San Rafael Las Flores, Santa Rosa, has lived his 78 years in the arid community. Since late 2011, his home has literally been fenced-in by the neighboring Escobal silver mine, a joint venture by Tahoe Resources and Goldcorp. Despite pressure from the Canadian mining companies to sell, Don Clodo refuses to leave his land. Kevin McArthur, former president of Goldcorp, founded Tahoe Resources in 2010.”

This piece of photoreportage from James Rodríguez of MiMundo shows that it is not just the Western Highlands that is blighted by Goldcorp. You can see his article

Categories: Environment, Justice, Land


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