A Historic Verdict, Shadowed by the Past

Credit: jacobo mogollon

Credit: jacobo mogollon

NISGUA has provided an in-depth analysis of the complex web of recent events in Guatemala including the groundbreaking conviction of Ríos Montt, the backlash of impunity that resulted in the overturn of the verdict and the ongoing repression and militarization in rural communities.

A Glimpse of Justice Brings Us Hope

While it is unclear how the case will proceed, the wave of emotions following the verdict that engulfed the courtroom and moved the world cannot be erased. The testimonies of survivors who bore witness to the terror and violence that destroyed their communities will not be forgotten.

Current Administration Reverts to Wartime Tactics

Otto Pérez Molina’s 17 months in office reveal a strategy of repression, militarization and criminalization to control and govern Guatemala. While international eyes were on proceedings in the courtroom, Guatemala witnessed a new level of state violence as rural communities suffered heavy blows to their peaceful organizing. Nonetheless, powerful movements persist in defense of life and territory.

Communities Under Attack as State Violence Goes on Trial

Days before the genocide trial was set to begin, news broke that Departmental Assembly of Huehuetenango (ADH) member, Rubén Herrera, had been arrested on trumped-up charges dating back to 2009. Just days later, four Xinca leaders were abducted in San Rafael las Flores, and one was found dead the next day.

You can read more here.

With regard to the genocide trial itself, NISGUA are providing an accessible archive of the daily coverage they provided from day one of the trial. They ask that you read and share this historic collection. You can find it here.

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