“Yes, there was genocide!”: Guatemala’s Ixil Vow to Keep Fighting for Justice

Nebaj, Quiche - Photo:  Lon&Queta (Flickr)

Nebaj, Quiche – Photo: Lon&Queta (Flickr)

Rob Mercatante writes on the website of the Americas Program:

“In the early hours of June 21 hundreds of human rights defenders, artists, feminists, musicians, religious workers, community organizers, independent journalists, international accompaniers, campesino and indigenous activists and others gathered in Guatemala City to participate in ‘The Caravan for the Dignity of the Ixil People and Against Genocide’.

Buses, vans, and cars decorated with banners that read, ‘Yes there WAS genocide!’ and ‘Justice for the victims of the massacres!’ made a seven-hour journey through flat farmland and winding mountain roads en route to Nebaj, Quiché. Along the way, buses carrying community members from Huehuetenango, Ixcán, the Southern coast and other regions of the country joined the caravan.

Upon arriving in Nebaj, we were met by local indigenous authorities who, with ceremonial staffs in hand, headed up the multitudinous march through the spectator-filled streets. A light drizzle didn’t dampen spirits as we proudly carried banners, shouted slogans, and played music in defense of truth, historic memory, and justice.”

You can read Rob’s article in full, with some great photographs, here.

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