Indigenous Guatemalans Reject Mining Moratorium, Want Genuine Community Consultation

With the referendum, we decide our future - photo: NISGUA

With the referendum, we decide our future – photo: NISGUA

The above photograph accompanies an article by Curtis Kline on the Intercontinental Cry website.

“Mining in Guatemala has often been to the detriment of the Indigenous Peoples of the country as it has proven to take away their ability to control their lands and livelihoods. It pollutes their farmlands and water resources, forces relocation, and diminishes their ability to continue their way of life. However, the newly announced moratorium on the granting of new mineral mining licenses has been rejected as a political show intended to calm widespread resistance to harmful mining projects.

The proposed two-year moratorium is similar to the moratorium put in place during the previous presidency of Colom. Since current president Molina lifted that moratorium a year and a half ago, over one hundred licenses have been granted for mining and exploration.

Considering that during his announcement of the Moratorium, Molina made it very clear that Tahoe Resources’ contentious Escobal mine project would be allowed to continue, it seems clear that the purpose of the moratorium is not to advance Indigenous rights, but to placate resistance.”

You can read more of this article here.

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