‘Hudbay Minerals: Confronting a Corporate Criminal’

The scene was absurd: four activists, each with a bundle of 75 black and gold helium-filled balloons, riding an escalator. As we reached the top, we clipped our banner to the bundles and let go, watching our work rise slowly toward the hundred-foot ceiling of the lobby of a downtown Toronto office tower. Suddenly there were security guards rushing toward us. One of them jumped to make a grab for the bottom edge of the banner. We held our breath. He missed by mere inches and groaned. And then for just a moment, everyone in the lobby was standing still, staring up, as our huge painted banner rose until the balloons bumped and jostled against the ceiling. The bold red letters made our message clear: “HUDBAY MINERALS, CORPORATE CRIMINALS.”

This is a great piece from Rachel Small and Joanna Jefferson on the Alternatives Journal website (and also found on the Under-Mining Guate website).  GSN has noted before the issues relating to the Canadian mining company Hudbay, especially the case brought against it by Angelica Choc and which will be heard in the Canadian courts in Choc .v. Hudbay.

It is also a great example of imaginative activism. You can read the full article here.

Categories: Justice, Solidarity in Action

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