‘La Puya’: Two years against the mine

We are all ‘La Puya’

Accompanied by great photographs from the 2nd anniversary celebrations at ‘La Puya’, from Sandra Sebastián, Oswaldo J. Hernández writes,

Two years ago, just on the border between San Pedro Ayampuc and San José del Golfo, just north of Guatemala City, a small woman stopped in front of an excavator and forced it to retreat. Estela Reyes, a resident of El Carrizal, parked her car in the middle of the road, got out and didn’t move from there for almost an hour. It was the 1st March 2012 and this gave rise to ‘La Puya’.

“We have completed two years in this place”, says Álvaro Sandoval, one of the representatives of the communities of El Carrizal, La Laguna, San Antonio el Ángel, Tizate, El Dulce, Guapinol, El Sastre, Los Achiotes and La Choleña – some belonging to the municipality of San Pedro Ayampuc and others to that of San José del Golfo. “Two year of not moving, of resisting, of being here 24 hours a day, seven days a week, under the sun, the rain, in the night, in the cold or the heat. Nothing else matters”.

The full piece, in Spanish, can be viewed here on Plaza Publica.

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