Guatemala – No Going Back! – Conference 31st May 2014


Saturday 31st May 2014

(9am- 4pm plus networking social 4pm- 6:30pm)

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Lively discussion, debate, workshops, inspiration and action on the new challenges facing Guatemala’s social movement.

2013 was a historically momentous year for Guatemala. A genocide case was brought against a former president, environmental and land justice activists endured murder, kidnapping and violence, whilst femicide, violence against women and abuse of trade union rights were rife.

This event is for Latin American activists, Latin American studies students, trade unionists, UK social movement activists and those involved or interested in human rights, the women’s movement and green issues.

Keynote speakers

  • Yolanda Oqueili, leader of the Frente Norte del Area Metropolitana (FREENAM)
  • Jean-Marie Simon, eyewitness to Guatemala’s genocidal civil war and author of the ground breaking book of photojournalism, ‘Guatemala: Eternal Spring, Eternal Tyranny’
  • Alex Praca from the International Trade Union Confederation
  • June Holmes, Amnesty International Central America Team


  • Working with Guatemalan human rights defenders
  • Strengthening links of international solidarity between the trade union movements of the UK and Guatemala
  • The role of women in positions of leadership within the struggles for environmental and land justice
  • Guatemalan women: the legacy of genocide and violence
  • A beginner’s guide to Guatemala

Closing plenary

Next steps – a session focused on practical action and collaboration


  • Guatemala Solidarity Network(GSN),
  • Amnesty International UK,
  • Central America Women’s Network (CAWN),
  • Trades Union Congress (TUC),
  • Banana Link,
  • Latin American Mining Monitoring Project (LAMMP) and
  • Peace Brigades International (PBI)


  • The International Transport Workers Federation (ITF)


Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre
25 New Inn Yard,

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