The Scale and Dagger Club

Carolina Gamazo wrote in Plaza Pública about the so-called Foundation Against Terrorism (Fundación contra el Terrorismo) and about how this group contributed to growing tensions in Guatemala during the genocide trial of Efraín Ríos Montt. The organisation is headed by Ricardo Méndez Ruiz and he warned that the military are still present, that theirs is the true version of events, and that they’ll continue to defend it. Naturally enough, they deny that genocide ever took place in Guatemala. In fact, they speak of ‘the farce of genocide’.

The group seem to be particularly exercised by the work of Claudia Paz y Paz, the recently removed Attorney General, because she sought to hold perpetrators of genocide and crimes against humanity to account. She was not prepared to allow those perpetrators of the worst oppressions to grow old in their homes, indifferent to their victims’ accusations and sufferings.

The title refers to the symbol of the organisation suggesting justice through violence or, more likely, justice through terror.

What is the target of their terror? What ‘terrorism’ do they fight against?

Quite simply, ‘the truth’.

You can read the Carolina’s translated article here and the original Spanish version is here, both in Plaza Pública.

Categories: Genocide, Violence

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