Tahoe: Silencing opposition to corporate interests

In a cheat sheet for Kevin McArthur on Tahoe Resources’ tactics to silence opposition in Guatemala, Jennifer Moore writes on rabble.ca about how Tahoe Resources, with the help of the Guatemalan government and the powerful Guatemala Chamber of Commerce, has used four main strategies to try to prevent people from opposing the Escobal silver mine in southeastern Guatemala.

McArthur is the CEO of Tahoe Resources, who came out of retirement after leaving Goldcorp in 2008 to develop the Escobal silver mine. He has been summoned by a District Attorney’s office in Guatemala to testify about the company’s tactics to put down opposition to the mine, such as through framing leaders on false or trumped up charges.

Since 2011, there have been nearly 90 legal cases filed against peaceful protesters and community leaders opposed to Tahoe Resources’ Escobal mine. An incident report dated July 2012 and attributed to Alberto Rotondo – the former security manager for Tahoe Resources who is currently under arrest awaiting trial in connection with violence against peaceful protesters – appears to recommend the implementation of a criminalization strategy against those opposed to the mine.

The four main strategies are:
– Challenge the legality of municipal referenda through lawsuits
– Prevent referenda from taking place at all
– Criminalization of social protest against the mine
– Militarization and violence to stifle protests

You can read Jennifer’s article on rabble.ca here and the Tahoe on Trial website here.

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