Genocide trial due to resume next month

The latest news regarding the genocide retrial is that it is due to begin on the 5th January 2015. It is now almost 19 months since the initial conviction and subsequent annulment of the trial proceedings that had resulted in a guilty verdict against Efraín Ríos Montt for genocide and crimes against humanity.

NISGUA have written that “the Constitutional Court resolved that the legal process should not be set back to November 2011. This issue was one of the most significant outstanding obstacles to a January 5th retrial start.”

On the International Justice Monitor website, it mentions that, “the health of Ríos Montt and Rodríguez Sanchez is also an issue. Ríos Montt has not been present in recent hearings, citing health issues, and sources confirmed his deteriorating health. The trial court has ordered an independent evaluation of his health prior to the opening of the trial.”

It is obviously very important that the issue of genocide remains visible but this being Guatemala, expect the unexpected.

For the NISGUA article, go here, and for the article by Sophie Beaudoin, on the IJM website, go here.

For various background pieces that GSN has covered, go here.

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