Pessimism high in run-up to Guatemala elections

“After government corruption has dominated the political scene for months, voters are pessimistic about Guatemala’s political future.”

This article appeared in the Telesur English site last week and highlights the increasing levels of pessimism among Guatemalans in the run up to the forthcoming elections, including that of the President.

“This pessimism can only have increased with the recent news that Congress could not muster enough members to bother voting on the issue of withdrawing immunity from the current President Otto Perez Molina. Rather than stand up and be counted, they stayed away, no doubt hiding away in darkened rooms.

Guatemalans have an increasingly pessimistic outlook on the political future of the country as the September 6 general election approaches, according to a new poll released Monday.

The optimism index in Guatemala, reflecting how respondents think Guatemala’s situation will be in the future, has plummeted over the past two years and now sits at negative levels, the poll conducted by ProData and published in Guatemala’s Prensa Libre shows.”

Regarding the candidates, the poll put Manuel Baldizon at 24.9%, which was down from over 30% a few months ago. Baldizon is the head of the right-wing LIDER party. The Independent, Jimmy Morales, is in second place with 16.2% and UNE’s Sandra Torres, lies third on 14.7%. If there is no clear winner in the vote, there will be a run-off between the top two candidates, which historically attracts a much lower turnout than the first round. It is the congress members and municipal mayors who have more impact on local lives than whoever is President in the Capital, being so remote from most people’s lives.

You can read the full article with some useful analysis, here.

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