Guatemalans face choice of former blackface comedian or ex-first lady

“A former comedian best known for performing in blackface and an afro wig is the odds-on favourite to become Guatemala’s new president this Sunday when he faces a former first lady in the final stage of an election overshadowed by a corruption scandal that has rocked the country’s political elite.”

Nina Lakhani writes in The Guardian about the choice, or lack of one, for the electorate in this weekend’s run-off in the presidential election.

The article ends with a quote from Martín Rodríguez Pellecer, founder of the investigative news website Nómada, reflecting that neither candidate offers any hope of change.

“Jimmy Morales represents a continuation of the Otto Pérez government as he is supported by the same army officers, industrialists and politicians. He is not capable of governing and there will be an immediate crisis if he wins. Sandra Torres is much better prepared and has a much better team, but she doesn’t represent a break from the past [either]. The country is at a crossroads and neither candidate is good enough.”

You can read the full article here.

Categories: Presidential Elections, UK Press Review

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