Nómada – bringing a vision for change

The launch of a book about Guatemala’s 2015 civil movement – 140 Days of Spring (140 Días de Primavera)

In August 2014, Guatemala journalism welcomed a new arrival in the form of Nómada – a new on-line publication which provides investigations and opinion on many of the issues that have dominated Guatemala during the intervening period. After an initial fundraising call to potential supporters, Nómada has now found itself on a financial footing that will offer sustainability into the future.

Some metrics offer a hint of its success:
Between August 7th, 2014 and November 14th, 2015, Nómada published 346 articles and investigative pieces on Politics, and 304 opinion pieces covering feminism, sexuality and culture.

In that same period, Nómada has had over 4,218,000 visits from 1,507,000 users and since 80% of these visits come from Guatemala, they have reached practically half of the internet users in Guatemala.

This is some achievement, but most importantly, Nómada has helped build a new generation of readers and citizens that look now to create their own vision of a country that is ready for its new ‘Spring’.

Through their investigative journalism, Nómada has helped imprison corrupt politicians, confronted tricksters, kept an eye on the powerful, and unmasked embezzlers. They have given a new voice to feminism and gender equality bringing them onto the political agenda in Guatemala.

Nómada has done this without them sacrificing institutional transparency – their shareholders and donors are in the public domain.

Nómada is to be applauded for bringing their vision to a people seeking change.

You can find out more about Nómada here.

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