Lessons in Resistance From La Puya, Guatemala

Richard Ring wrote in Counterpunch about his visit to La Puya in 2014 and looked for lessons that he could take home from the Comunidad en Resistencia.

– No religious or political distinctions. Everybody drinks water.
– Women in front, men behind. Men are too violent, and easier for the police to provoke.
– Don’t let yourself be divided and conquered.
– Don’t negotiate away your principles.

As he says, there are La Puyas in Pine Ridge South Dakota, where the Oglala Sioux are fighting the Keystone pipeline, on Algonguin land in Quebec and all over Canada with the First Nations´ Idle No More movement, and among the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, so let’s seize their lessons and examples.

You can read the fine piece here on the Counterpunch website.

Categories: Mining, Resource Extraction, Solidarity in Action


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