Myrna Mack’s Daughter Appointed Guatemala Health Minister

Guatemala’s newest minister marks a break from the country’s political elite as she is a self-described leftist, Telesur reports.

Recently, in a surprising move, Guatemala’s military brass-linked president’s new health minister is the daughter of Myrna Mack, an anthropologist assassinated by a military-backed death squad in 1990 for speaking out against the military’s human rights abuses during the country’s civil war.

The new minister, Lucrecia Hernández Mack, also breaks with the mold of the Central American nation’s typical political leaders. As the daughter of an assassination victim in the final years of Guatemala’s brutal 36-year civil war, Hernández Mack could have a keen eye to the legacy of the country’s history in present-day systemic problems.

“It’s an enormous challenge to take on a portfolio like Health, which is complex and complicated and inherits a number of historical and economic problems,” Hernández Mack said after being sworn in as minister.

The new minister takes over a health system in ruins, ransacked in part by a US$14.5 million fraud scandal in the Social Security Institute that came to light last year.

You can read more on Telesur here.

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