Los Ancianos

Doña Sabina in her one-room village home. Without family who can support her, Sabina has very few possessions. At noon each day, she walks barefoot down sharp cobblestones to receive a meal at an elderly nutrition center run by Mayan Families. She complains of aches and pains throughout her body in spite of which she can be seen carrying her leftovers in a woven cloth on her head back up the hill after the meal.

Recently came across the work of photographer, Anna Watts, in Guatemala and thought to share.

You can find her website here and see her portfolio of Los Ancianos on the Social Documentary Network website here, from which the above came.

Categories: Culture, Gender, Guatemala, Indigenous peoples, Poverty, Solidarity in Action/Guatemala

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4 replies

  1. Why does this woman not have shoes, when Mayan Families donates clothing and shoes along with meals? Where can we donate for this for her?

    • Thankfully, we gave all the elderly men and women in our program shoes in March 2016! Just in time for rainy season, where the roads are often flooded and unsafe to walk on. If you would like to donate to ensure that our Elderly Care Program is able to continue giving each anciano shoes and clothes, you can do so here: http://bit.ly/2agMYZK

  2. Thanks, and will do! Sorry for my late reply; I just saw this comment. Thank you for all the good work you do. The world needs more people and organizations like yours! God bless you all.

  3. I always forget to check the box for new comments so I hope this works.

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