NISGUA – December Solidarity Update

NISGUA recently shared their Solidarity Update for December.

Maya Achi survivors present a formal complaint against Judge Claudette Domínguez

On December 5, 36 Maya Achi survivors of sexual violence presented a formal complaint against Judge Claudette Domínguez for acts of racism and discrimination. This summer, Judge Domíngez dismissed charges against three of the six ex-Civil Defense Patrollers (ex-PAC) accused of crimes against humanity and sexual violence in this case. In response, the women’s lawyers presented recusal motions and Judge Domínguez was removed from the case in September.

According to their statement, the women presented this formal complaint in order to “motivate other Indigenous women to denounce judicial authorities who repeatedly discriminate against and re-victimize survivors of sexual violence, and to set a precedent that puts an end to these practices.”

Xinka Parliament denounces discrimination and illegalities in consultation over Escobal Mine

In a press conference on December 18, 2019, the Xinka Parliament announced that it filed for the complete cancellation of the Escobal mine exploitation license. The Parliament also asked the Attorney General to explore possible charges against the Minister of Energy and Mines (MEM) and the Minister of Environmental and Natural Resources (MARN) for criminal, civil, and administrative breaches of duty surrounding the court-ordered consultation of the Xinka People.

The Guatemalan government’s latest moves to advance the consultation process without the participation of the Xinka Parliament, the elected ancestral authority of the Xinka people, is a violation of the rights of Indigenous peoples and an attempt to water down what should be a meaningful consultation process. At the heart of global movements for Indigenous rights and the full implementation of free, prior, and informed consent are questions of who will be consulted, how they will be consulted, and whether or not their decision will be respected. The Xinka people have shown their desire to have a meaningful consultation, according to their ancestral traditions, in which they can freely express opposition to the Escobal mine and have that decision be respected.

However, the Guatemalan government is carrying out a spectacle of a consultation with the ultimate goal of a rubber-stamped social license for the project. Meanwhile, Pan American Silver, owner of the Escobal mine, continues to tell shareholders that it is fully confident that the mine will be back up and running.

International Humans Rights Day Statement from survivors of the Internal Armed Conflict

On December 10, victims and survivors of the Internal Armed Conflict commemorated International Human Rights Day by rejecting the militarization of their communities and demanding that their rights to truth, justice and reparation be guaranteed. In their public statement, they also condemned pro-military policies of the Morales administration and called on the next government to respect human rights and resume the implementation of the 1996 Peace Accords.

You can read the full update here, including the relevant links.

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