Renewed ‘La Línea’ Investigations Further Implicate Guatemala Officials

Between May 2014 and April 2015, the criminal network known as “La Línea,” took in over 5.1 million quetzales ($666,000) in bribes, and the scheme cost the government at least 14.3 million quetzales ($1.85 million) in taxes.

Alex Papadovassilakis writes in InSight Crime about the customs fraud network that was exposed in a landmark 2015 investigation, yet which continues to this day.

On August 12, Guatemalan authorities arrested six current and former customs officials. According to a statement released by the anti-impunity unit of the country’s Attorney General’s Office (Fiscalía Especializada Contra la Impunidad — FECI), bribes were collected by officials in exchange for lowering import taxes, and passed onto the La Linea network.

FECI continues to take on high-level corruption networks, despite mounting legal attacks and death threats against Guatemalan prosecutors.

In April 2020, the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (CIDH) granted protection measures to FECI head Juan Francisco Sandoval and two of the unit’s prosecutors, whose lives were deemed to be under threat.

You can read the full piece, with links, here, on the InSight Crime website.

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