Between a Volcano and a Pandemic

In the Shadow of Guatemala’s Volcán de Fuego, a Community Displaced by War Struggles to Survive.

James Rodríguez writes in El Faro about the challenges facing the community of La Trinidad in the Department of Escuintla, which was affected by the eruption of El Volcán de Fuego in 2018. Members of this community had been displaced from Huehuetenango during the armed conflict and had been working hard to create a safe place for themselves. The eruption forced them to move but now the pandemic has made some move back as their land is, at least, providing their food which had been difficult to come by despite promises from the government.

Between a volcano and a pandemic – between a rock and a hard place.

It was translated from the Spanish by Max Granger and you can read the full piece, with fine photographs here, in El Faro.

Categories: Culture, Environment, Evictions, Guatemala, Human Rights, Land, Migration, Natural Disaster

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