Guatemala mine’s ex-security chief convicted of Indigenous leader’s murder

Sandra Cuffe writes in The Guardian about the guilty plea related to the killing of Adolfo Choc in 2009.

A judge in Guatemala has accepted a guilty plea by the former head of security at Central America’s largest nickel mine who was on trial for killing an Indigenous leader, in a rare conviction over human rights violations allegedly linked to Canadian-owned mining companies in the region.

Mynor Padilla was found guilty on Wednesday of homicide for the 2009 fatal shooting of Adolfo Ich, a Maya Q’eqchi’ teacher and community leader who opposed the Fenix mine outside the town of El Estor.

You can read the full piece, here.

A different perspective was written by Gabriel Friedman in Canada’s Financial Post

The development is significant because Hudbay has spent nearly a decade battling civil litigation in Canada related to the same violent episodes, and had denied that Padilla was connected to the violence. Now, that line of defence conflicts with Padilla’s own admissions.

You can read the full piece, here, which includes some background to the case itself.

You can read more on the background to the events and the case, here, on the Choc .v. Hudbay website, and more about the verdict, here, on the Rights Action website and here, on the PBI Canada website.

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