Political Elites Seek Again to Infiltrate Guatemala’s High Court

Héctor Silva Ávalos has written an article, in InSight Crime, highlighting the current issue of the election of Mynor Moto to the Constitutional Court and his swearing in by Congress in spite of legal challenges against him. The new US Administration has also weighed in with their views on the ongoing corruption and lack of transparency at the highest levels in Guatemala.

Guatemala’s congress has named to the country’s Constitutional Court a judge who is under investigation for obstruction of justice, in a brazen attempt by political mafias to infiltrate the country’s highest courts and stack the deck.

On the night of January 26, a bloc of 82 legislators voted along official party lines to elect Judge Mynor Moto to Guatemala’s Constitutional Court, various news outlets reported. Moto’s election — he will replace a deceased judge on the five-member court — was immediately criticized by civil society and opposition groups.

Though he has already been sworn in by Congress, Moto has yet to assume his role on the Constitutional Court. Moto currently faces at least ten legal challenges against him that must be resolved before he can legally take his seat.

You can read the full article, Political Elites Seek Again to Infiltrate Guatemala’s High Court, here.

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