13 young Guatemalans who left for a better future were slain in Mexico, families say

Kate Linthicum and Jeff Abbott write a very sad story in the Los Angeles Times, highlighting the frightening dangers posed to migrants heading north, through extremely hostile territory, to the United States.

As 15-year-old Robelson Isidro left Guatemala this month, he promised his worried mother he would stay in close contact during his journey to the United States.

She had begged him not to go, but he assured her it was for the best.

He earned just $3 a day toiling in the coffee fields around Comitancillo, a largely Indigenous town in Guatemala’s western highlands. With a few years of American wages, he hoped to buy the family a house.

“We’re almost to the border,” he wrote to his mother, Maria Isidro, on Facebook Messenger Jan. 21, explaining that he would cross into Texas the next morning.

It was the last time she heard from her eldest son.

Yesterday, Kate tweeted, ‘Today Mexican authorities confirmed that the Guatemalan teenager that I wrote about last week, Robelson Isidro, was indeed one of 19 people shot and incinerated in a truck in northern Mexico, just a few miles from the U.S. border’.

Life is hard in Guatemala, and especially in small communities like Comitancillo, that migrating north seems the only way out of the grinding poverty, despite the dangers on the way. You can read the rest of the story, with photos and links, here, 13 young Guatemalans who left for a better future were slain in Mexico, families say.

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