Revised NGO Law threatens freedom of association in Guatemala

Guatemala Solidarity Network (GSN) wishes to “express our profound concern regarding the amendments to Bill 5257, a law governing the activities of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), that went into effect Monday, June 21st, following the Guatemalan Constitutional Court’s (CC) denial of legal appeals against the amendments”.


“We reject the implementation of this revised law, given that it violates the freedoms of expression and association and creates a hostile environment for those working to defend human rights. The revised law seeks to silence any public criticism or action that may threaten the state’s power, thereby perpetuating schemes of corruption and impunity.”

In doing so, we joined with over 70 organizations in expressing our concern regarding these reforms to Guatemala’s NGO Law.

You can read the full note, with links, on the NISGUA website, including the list of the signatory organisations here, Over 70 organizations express concern regarding reforms to Guatemala’s NGO Law.

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