We Reject The Transfer Of Prosecutor Hilda Pineda

In response to the transfer of Hilda Pineda from the Public Prosecutor’s Office to that of Tourist Crimes, the Genocide Never Again Coalition (Coordinación Genocidio Nunca Más) published a rejection (above) on the grounds of justice.

Below the following translation, there is a link to a petition set up by the European Network in Solidarity with the Military Diary Case (Red Europea de Solidaridad Caso Diario Militar) in rejecting the dismantling of the Human Rights Prosecutor’s Office.


In view of the announcement made by the Attorney General of the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the transfer of Prosecutor Hilda Pineda from the Human Rights Prosecutor’s Office to the Prosecutor’s Office for Crimes against Tourists, we express our total rejection. This change puts at risk the processes that have been investigated by this Office, as well as the people involved.

The role of the Prosecutor, Hilda Pineda, at the head of the Prosecutor’s Office, has been fundamental in the clarification of criminal acts and achieving justice for the victims of serious human rights violations during the Internal Armed Conflict (CAI – in Spanish). In addition to the Special Cases Unit of the CAI, the Human Rights Prosecutor’s Office is in charge of important units such as the Unit for Crimes against Justice Agents (operadores) and Journalists, among others.

It is noteworthy that this change takes place in a context of attacks on justice agents, the processing of emblematic justice processes for crimes committed during the CAI, and an increase in attacks on journalists, for which reason we express our concern about this change, which could constitute a backwards step in terms of human rights.

In alerting the population in general, human rights organisations, survivors of the CAI, journalists, justice agents, about these facts, we denounce any act that threatens the work that is being carried out. We acknowledge the work carried out by Prosecutor Hilda Pineda, and the team of prosecutors, who have demonstrated professionalism in high impact cases. To those who continue to do their work ethically within the MP, you are not alone, you have our support as you have shown that it is possible to prosecute the powerful who have committed crimes and human rights violations. And to those who try to delay and delegitimise the processes of justice in this country, we will not tire of continuing to demand transparency and justice.

Genocide Never Again Coalition

Guatemala, 12th October 2021.

FAMDEGUA tweeted the above note with the following introduction, “As part of the Coordinación Genocidio Nunca Más, we support those who continue to do their work ethically within the Prosecutors Office (@Mpguatemala), who have shown that it is possible to prosecute the powerful who have committed crimes and human rights violations”.

You can view the tweet here, @FamdeguaG – tweet.

The link to the petition, including a link to the English version, is here Repudiamos El Desmantelamiento De La Fiscalia De Derechos Humanos En Guatemala. You can follow the Network here, Red Europea de Solidaridad Caso Diario Militar.

Any errors in translation are mine.

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