Marking Another Year of Community Resistance to the Escobal Mine

Val Croft writes in the MiningWatch Canada website about ongoing community resistance, in Guatemala, towards Canadian multinational mining interests.

The above are solidarity statements presented in relation to the two resistance struggles featured.

Nine years ago, faced with threats posed by mining operations, communities in southeastern Guatemala organized a municipal consultation in the town of Mataquescuintla. The question was simple — do residents want mining? — and the answer was clear. Over 98% of participants expressed firm opposition to mining activities in the area.

Four years later, on November 27, 2016, residents in the nearby municipality of San Carlos Alzatate held a similar consultation with the same results. Nearly 99% said ‘NO’ to mining.

You can read the full article, including links, here, Marking Another Year of Community Resistance to the Escobal Mine in Mataquescuintla and San Carlos Alzatate.

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