‘La Puya’: Ten Years Of Resistance, The Rhythm Continues

Ten years ago, on March 2nd, 2012, the communities of San José de Golfo and San Pedro Ayampuc, just north of Guatemala City, united and established a protest camp outside of the entrance of the El Tambor Gold mine, which had been imposed without their free, prior, and informed consent. Since that point, the peaceful resistance has struggled in the face of threats, intimidation, an attempted assassination, and a violent eviction, while Court rulings down the years have included a suspension of activities on the mine and the ordering of a community consultation.

A Letter of Solidarity was presented on this anniversary, on the website of Protection International, and signed by more than fifty organisations. You can read this above or here, Celebrating Ten Years of Struggle and Resistance at La Puya.

There has been much written about the La Comunidad de Resistencia – La Puya, here and elsewhere, which you can access below.

‘La Puya’: The Rhythm of Resistance, in GSN, provides some background and a reflection on the first anniversary of the blockade.

¡Que viva La Puya! – ¡Viva!, also in GSN, highlights the celebrations tied to the third anniversary.

La Puya – Intimidación y Resistencia / La Puya – Intimidation and Resistance was featured on the website of El Eco del Dolor de Mucha Gente, and provides a reflection in both English and Spanish.

On the fourth anniversary, La Comunidad en Resistencia opened up a second blockade targetting the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the the capital, and this was featured in GSN, here, ‘La Puyita’ – La Puya goes to the Capital. While, later that year, La Puya – La Antorcha de la Dignidad (The Torch of Dignity) was carried through the capital as part of the Independence Day celebrations.

Like other, GSN congratulates La Comunidad en Resistencia for 10 years of commitment to defending their territories and we stand in solidarity with their non-violent struggle. 

If you want to follow the latest from La Puya, you can find their site here, Resistencia Pacífica La Puya.

Long live the communities of San Pedro Ayampuc and San José del Golfo!
Long live the Peaceful Resistance La Puya!

¡Que viva La Puya!

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