Forbidden Stories: El Estor – Finnish company suspends purchasing

Statement from Outukumpu re mining at El Estor

Forbidden Stories, put out a tweet recently highlighting the impact of their work with regard to the Fenix Mine, in El Estor. Their work, and more specifically, the work of Carlos Choc, has led to Outokumpu, a powerful Finnish steel multinational, suspending the purchasing of ferronickel from the Fenix mine, owned by the Swiss mining giant Solway.

Two months after #MiningSecrets, an internal assessment has led Outokumpu, a powerful Finnish steel multinational, to suspend purchasing ferronickel from the Fenix mine in El Estor (#Guatemala), owned by the Swiss mining giant Solway.

Let’s go back to March 2022 To pursue the work of journalist @CarlosErnesto_C, our consortium published #MiningSecrets and revealed how the Guatemalan subsidiaries of Solway operated: from environmental scandals to manipulation of local populations.

Thanks to a leak, 65 journalists were also able to find out who was buying ferronickel from the Guatemalan mine. One of its customers was the Finnish company Outokumpu, a global leader in sustainable stainless steel.

After #MiningSecrets revelations, Outokumpu “have stopped placing new orders originating from Solway and assess the situation on-site together with an outside sustainability expert”: Results of this assessment have just been released.

In a statement released on May 4, the company declares: “Outokumpu cannot continue purchasing ferronickel from Solway sourced from Guatemala under the current conditions without violating its obligations under the UN Guiding Principles.”

For years, @CarlosErnesto_C has been documenting damage done by this nickel mine in #Guatemala. With #MiningSecrets, his work has been exposed worldwide, thanks to the powerful network of @FbdnStories.

You can read the tweet here, Twitter – FbdnStories El Estor, and you can read more about Outokumpu’s response to the allegations, here, Outukumpu – allegations assessment El Estor.

To read more about ‘Mining Secrets’, GSN featured it here, Forbidden Stories – Mining Secrets.

Carlos Choc, and his work, has been targeted by the Guatemala state in yet another example of the state criminalisation of journalists who highlight the high levels of corruption at work in the country.

Forbidden Stories is a network of journalists whose mission is to protect, pursue and publish the work of other journalists facing threats, prison, or murder, and you can find out more, here, Forbidden Stories.

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