Humberto Ak’abal in Scotland

In 2010, a modest Scottish publisher, Kettillonia, published a book of poetry, Drum of Stone, by celebrated Guatemalan Maya Kʼicheʼ poet Humberto Ak’abal, who sadly passed away just two years ago. The book presents poems in K’iche’, translated into English,… Read More ›

Guatemala: #NoNosPela

The Red Nation recently posted a podcast, guest-hosted by Giovanni Batz, and featuring Andrea Ixchíu, Floridalma Boj Lopez, and Alejandro Flores. They discuss the recent Guatemalan protests and uprising, which were sparked by the recent approval of a budget that… Read More ›

Music and Film news

Music | ‘Tiembla patriarcado, tiembla: Hip Hop, Rebeldía y, Equidad’ (Tremble, patriarchy, tremble: Hip hop, rebelliousness and equality) On March 8, a compiled work of 12 Latin American rappers was launched. “We are women, we are Hip Hop” began in… Read More ›

Los Preciosos

I came across this beautiful story of adoption from rural East Cork, in Ireland. Two children from Guatemala, Jacobo aged 4 and Natalie aged 5. Their father, Vittorio, is Italian. Their mother, Jools, is English. A family from three countries… Read More ›